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Selected News Stories via CCRA

"General Zinni: Global warming a serious security threat," YouTube - TheRealNews, (27 December 2007).
"What Are They Waiting For?," YouTube - LCVheatison, (18 December 2008).
"Spending Bill Includes $24 Billion Loan Guarantees for Nuclear Industry," Democracy Now, (17 December 2007).
"Bali Talks End Without Plan To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions," Democracy Now, (17 December 2007).

"US Wrecking Tactics at Bali Climate Change Conference," Channel 4 News - VeohTV, (15 December 2007).
"US voices 'concerns' on Bali," BBC News Online, (16 December 2007).
"Climate deal sealed by US U-turn," BBC News Online, (15 December 2007).
"US U-turn seals climate deal," BBC News Online, (15 December 2007).
"US backs new climate accord," BBC News Online, (15 December 2007).
"Climate Change Deal Is 'Historic Breakthrough'," Sky TV News, (15 December 2007)
"World Health Organization (WHO) - Health protection from climate change - 1:00pm - 3:00pm," UNFCC, (13 December 2007).
"Arctic Summers Ice-Free By 2013 (Watch It Live Here Now)," YouTube, (12 December 2007).
"Bali Climate Conference Enters Final Negotiations," Voice of America (VOA), (11 December 2007).
"Bali climate meeting: new environmental pact in focus," YouTube - RussiaToday, (11 December 2007). YouTube - RussiaToday, (11 December 2007).
"Five Carbon Lives: USA," BBC News Online, (11 December 2007).
"“It Is Time to Make Peace With the Planet”–Al Gore Accepts 2007 Nobel Peace Prize," Democracy Now, (11 December 2007).
"Climate change goal 'unreachable'," BBC Newshour, (10 December 2007).
"Gore, Pachauri pick up Nobel," Reuters, (10 December 2007).
"UNEP: Climate change and conflict," UNFCC - UNEP, (10 Decemer 2007).
"Pete Seager's Day of Climate Action," The New York Times, (10 December 2007).
"Influencing our future: Children’s voices in the COP process," UNFCCC - IDS and Plan International, (10 December 2007).
"Climate Action Network - How the World Bank fuels Climate Change," UNFCCC - Climate Action Network, (10 December 2007).
"US Senator John Kerry," UNFCCC, (10 December 2007).
"Extract from Al Gore's Nobel Prize acceptance speech," BBC News Online, (10 December 2007).
"Hardtalk's Stephen Sackur interviews Al Gore," BBC News Online, (10 December 2007).
"Nobel Peace Prizes awarded," BBC News Online, (10 December 2007).
"Meltdown - Inside Out," WBUR - Boston (9 December 2007).
"Gore calls for action," Reuters, (9 December 2007).
"Protests for action on climate," BBC News Online, (8 December 2007).
"Gender and climate change: Women for climate justice," UN - GendaCC, (7 December 2007).
"United States Climate Action Network: Update on domestic legislation," UN FCCC Conference, (7 December 2007).
"WWF: Amazon 'disappearing fast'," BBC News Online, (6 December 2007).
"Australia to be climate bridge," BBC News Online, (6 December 2007).
"Bali Conference Urged to Increase Global Warming Compensation," Democracy Now, (5 December 2007).
"Oxfam International - Press Briefing," UNFCCC - Bali Indonesia, (4 December 2007).
Climate Action Network (CAN) - News Conference, Bali (3 December 2007).[CAN]
Harlan Watson - Briefing of the U.S. Delegation to the Bali Conference - 3 December 2007.
"UN's Bali climate talks begin," BBC News Online, (3 December 2007).
"Australia Ratifies Kyoto Accord," Democracy Now, (3 February 2007).
"Rudd becomes Australia's PM," BBC News Online, (3 December 2007).
"Officials Gather for UN Climate Change Conference in Bali," Voice of America - VOA, (2 December 2007).

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