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Selected News Stories via CCRA

"New Orleaners told to flee Gustav," BBC News Online, (31 August 2008 07:23 UK 06:23 GMT, Sunday).
"Gustav strengthens off west Cuba," BBC News Online, (30 August 2008 12:38 UK 11:38 GMT, Saturday).
"Accra Talks final day press conference," YouTube - climateconference, (27 August 2008).
"Robert Kennedy Jr.: No clean coal," YouTube, (26 August 2008).
"Who will face up to the climate change crisis?," YouTube - TheRealNews, (24 August 2008)
"Increased desertification of Turkey's arable land," YouTube - Al Jazeera TV, (22 August 2008).
"Climate warning from Pacific," BBC News Online, (20 August 2008 17:37 UK 16:37 GMT, Wednesday).
"Worldwide battle for water," BBC News Online, (19 August 2008 05:33 UK 04:33 GMT, Tuesday).
Dr. James Hansen, "The Dark and Bright Sides of Global Warming," YouTube - uctelevision, (15 August 2008).
"Capitol Crimes," PBS - Bill Moyers Journal, (1 August 2008).
"Alaska: The Senator and the Oil Man," PBS - NOW, (1 August 2008).
"Report: Cheney’s Office Pressured EPA Over Regulating Greenhouse Gases," Democracy Now, (22 July 2008).
"Cyprus's water crisis," BBC News Online, (16 July 2008 05:26 UK 04:26 GMT, Wednesday).
"“Don’t Drink the Nuclear Kool-Aid”," Weekly Column - Breaking the Sound Barrier,17 July 2008
"Amory Lovins: Expanding Nuclear Power Makes Climate Change Worse," Democracy Now, (16 July 2008).
"With Crises in Fuel, Food, Housing and Banking, What Gvt. Policies Are Being Pushed Through?," Democracy Now, (15 July 2008).
"Bush Lifts Executive Ban on Offshore Drilling," Democracy Now, (15 July 2008).
"Admin to Ignore Ruling on Greenhouse Gas Emissions," Democracy Now, (11 July 2008).
"Cyprus running out of water," YouTube - Al Jazeera TV, (10 July 2008).
"As Global Food Crisis Tops G8 Summit Agenda, World Leaders Enjoy Lavish 18-Course Banquet," Democracy Now, (9 July 2008).
"Call for Urgent Action on Food Prices," BBC - Newshour, (8 July 2008).
"Environmental Groups Slam G8 Leaders for Not Doing More on Global Warming," Democracy Now, (8 July 2008).
"EPA Official Claims Cheney Silenced Agency," YouTube - msnbc reporter, (8 July 2008).
"Communities and Climate Action," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (7 July 2008).
"“Global Disruption” More Accurately Describes Climate Change, Not “Global Warming”–Leading Scientist John Holdren," Democracy Now, (3 July 2008).
"Groundbreaking Lawsuit Accuses Big Oil of Conspiracy to Deceive Public About Climate Change," Democracy Now, (3 July 2008).
John Podesta "Climate and National Security: Impacts on Foreign Policy," ForaTV, (2 July 2008).
Jim Woolsey "Climate and National Security: Impacts on Foreign Policy," ForaTV, (2 July 2008).
"Climate and National Security: Impacts on Foreign Policy," ForaTV, (2 July 2008).
"Bill Moyers on Big Oil and Iraq," The Bill Moyers Journal, (27 June 2008).
"Contemplating "Climate Security"," PBS - Bill Moyers Journal, (27 June 2008).
"North Pole on thin ice," MSNBC, (27 June 2008).
"As Oil Hits Another Record High, A Look at the New Geopolitics of Energy," Democracy Now, (27 June 2008).
"Climate change could threaten U.S. security," MSNBC, (25 June 2008).
"NASA Scientist Calls for Oil Execs to be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity," Democracy Now, (24 June 2008).
"Not facing up to climate change crisis a crime?," The Real News, (24 June 2008).
"Somalia's descent to despair," BBC News Online, (24 June 2008 19:12 UK 18:12 GMT, Tuesday).
"Interview - Diane Rehm with Dr. James Hansen," NPR - Diane Rehm Show, (23 June 2008).
"Humans causing climate change," MSNBC, (20 June 2008).
"As Global Warming Fuels More Extreme Weather, McCain and Bush Congress to Lift Offshore Oil Drilling Ban," Democracy Now, (20 June 2008).
"Feeling the heat from climate change," MSNBC, (19 June 2008).
"OnePlanet: The Great Carbon Bazaar," BBC - One Planet, (5 June 2008, 12:32 GMT Thursday).
"The Real Climate Price Tag," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (5 June 2008).
"Author Discusses Costly Crude and Oil's Future," PBS - Newshour (3 June 2008).
"Inside Story - Global food crisis - 03 Jun 08 - Part 1 & 2," YouTube - Al Jazeera TV, (3 June 2008).
"UN Calls for 50% Rise in Food Production by 2030," Democracy Now, (3 June 2008).
The Food Price Crisis BBC News Directory (3 June 2008)
"Japan PM warns on food prices," BBC News Online, (2 June 2008 04:37 UK 03:37 GMT, Monday).
"Report Says Significant Climate Change Ahead for US," Voice of America (VOA), (29 May 2008).
"China, India, and the Global Environment - Fred Krupp," YouTube - ForaTV, (29 May 2008).
"UN predicts food price rise," BBC News Online, (29 May 2008, 16:30 GMT).
"Impact of food costs analysed," BBC News Online, (29 May 2008 09:25 UK 08:25 GMT, Thursday).
"Plan to avert Arctic 'oil rush'," BBC News Online, (29 May 2008 01:24 UK 00:24 GMT, Thursday).
"The end of cheap oil in India?," BBC News Online, (28 May 2008 12:46 UK 11:46 GMT, Wednesday).
Excerpts of Former Prime Minister Tony Blair addressing Class of 2008, Yale University, 25 May 2008.
"Vast cracks in Arctic ice," BBC News Online, (Friday, 23 May 2008 20:51 UK 19:51 GMT).
"UN Experts: Food Crisis Violates Basic Human Rights," Democracy Now, (23 May 2008).
"Oil price is up, dollar is down," MSNBC, (22 May 2008).
"Oil soars to new record," BBC News Online, (22 May 2008 19:40 UK 18:40 GMT, Thursday).
"Congressional Hearings on Oil Prices and Price Trends," NPR News, 21 May 2008 - 1:00pm.
"Intervention in Myanmar?," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (19 May 2008).
President Bush's Request to Saudi Arabia Rejected, NPR News, (17 May 2008).
"Suing Big Energy for Global Warming," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (13 May 2008).
"Should Myanmar be forced to accept aid?," NPR - Talk of the Nation, (12 May 2008).
"Oxfam: Burma on Brink of Massive Public Health Catastrophe," Democracy Now, (12 May 2008).
"Burma Cyclone and Public Health Tragedy," BBC - The World Today, (12 May 2008 03:00 GMT).
"Burma: 1.5 million in danger," BBC News Online, (11 May 2008 18:45 UK 17:45 GMT, Sunday).
"Rainforest protection plan," BBC News Online, (9 May 2008 02:23 UK 01:23 GMT, Friday).
The Amazing Paradox, BBC World Service(15 May 2008).
"David Miliband on climate change," BBC News - Newsnight, (8 May 2008 13:04 UK 12:04 GMT, Thursday).
"Cyclone death toll may top 100,000," Reuters TV, (7 May 2008).
"Burma cyclone death toll rises," BBC News Online, (6 May 2008 06:07 UK 05:07 GMT, Tuesday).
"Silent Tsunami: Global Food Crisis," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (5 May 2008 10-11AM ET).
"Maybe Just Maybe - Harvey Ruvin," YouTube, (30 April 2008).
"Miami-Dade Climate Change Task Force," CBS 4 News, (4 May 2008).
"Thousands dead in Burma storm," BBC News Online, (5 May 2008 13:38 UK 12:38 GMT, Monday).
"UN sets up food crisis task force," BBC News Online, (29 April 2008 13:36 UK 12:36 GMT, Tuesday).
"UN meets to solve food crisis," BBC News Online, (29 April 2008 04:18 UK 03:18 GMT, Tuesday).
"Biofuels crime against humanity - UN," Reuters TV, (28 April 2008).
"Brazil bans rice exports, protests in Peru," YouTube - TheRealNewsNetwork, (26 April 2008).
"Brazil stops rice exports," BBC News Online, (25 April 2008).
"Specter of food rationing hits US supermarkets," YouTube - TheRealNews, (25 April 2008).
"Morales calls for 'reparations to the earth'," YouTube - TheRealNews, (24 April 2008).
"Thousands of Delegates Tackle Climate Change Issues at UN Forum on Indigenous Issues," Democracy Now, (24 April 2008).
"“Welcome to the Axis of Evil”—Bolivian President Evo Morales to Paraguayan President-Elect Fernando Lugo," Democracy Now, (24 April 2008).
"The US Role in Haiti’s Food Riots," Democracy Now, (24 April 2008).
"South Americans warn over biofuels," BBC News (21 April 2008).
"Sweden holds key to going green," MSNBC, (21 April 2008).
"People & Power - Food Shortages," YouTube - Al Jazeera TV, (20 April 2008).
"Glaciers of Bolivia in retreat," MSNBC (20 April 2008).
"Governors Convene At Yale To Fight Global Warming," The Hartford Courant, (19 April 2008).
"Schwarzenegger predicts progress on global warming after Bush leaves office" International Herald Tribune (18 April 2008).
"Tortillanomics: Food or Fuel," Frontline World (17 April 2008).
"Bush climate plan under fire," International Herald Tribute - Reuters, AP 17 April 2008.
"Corn Growers' Jon Doggett says high grain prices having minimal impact on food costs," E&E TV, (16 April 2008).
"Bush Launches Emission Plan," CNN News, (16 April 2008).
"China food prices rise rapidly," BBC News Online, (16 April 2008).
"Stuffed and Starved: As Food Riots Break Out Across the Globe, Part II of Raj Patel on “The Hidden Battle for the World Food System”," Democracy Now, (16 April 2008).
"Forecast for big sea level rise," BBC News Online, (15 April 2008).
World Food Price Crisis, Democracy Now, (15 April 2008).
"China 'world's worst polluter,'" BBC News Online, (14 April 2008).
"IMF chief voices food fears," BBC News Online, (13 April 2008).
IMF Meetings & Food Price Warnings, NPR, Washington, (13 April 2008).
World Bank and World Food Needs, Democracy Now, (11 April 2008).
"Haiti - Food Riots & Political Instability, BBC, (10 April 2008).
Economic Growth vs Climate Change David Woodward vs. Terry Miller, BBC, Business Report (10 April 2008).
PM Gordon Brown Warns on Food Price Crisis, BBC (10 April 2008).
"Grocery Manufacturers' Faber urges Congress to lower food prices by freezing mandates," E&E TV, (9 April 2008).
"Stuffed and Starved: As Food Riots Break Out Across the Globe, Raj Patel Details “The Hidden Battle for the World Food System”," Democracy Now, (8 April 2008).
"Rising food prices cause riots," BBC News Online, (8 April 2007).
"Emerging Global Food Shortages," Democracy Now, (7 April 2008).
"Fears over climate health risk," BBC News Online, (7 April 2008).
"Thai farmers guard rice harvests," YouTube - Al Jazeera TV, (6 April 2008).
"Oil Execs Asked to Justify Huge Profits at Congressional Hearing," Democracy Now, (2 April 2008).
"House Energy Independence & Global Warming Cmte. Hearing on Oil CEOs and Price Issues," CSPAN - U.S. Congress Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, (1 April 2008).

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