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"James Hansen on why scientists should speak out," EarthSky, (30 December 2008).
"Tennessee Coal Disaster Three Times Larger Than First Projected," Democracy Now, (29 December 2008).
"Spill at Tennessee Coal Plant Creates Environmental Disaster," Democracy Now, (24 December 2008).
"Peak Everything and the signs, have a Coke," YouTube - LastReplaySC, (20 December 2008).
"President-elect Obama's Weekly Address," YouTube - ChangeDotGov, (20 December 2008).
"Obama Picks Pro-Ethanol, Agribusiness Ex-Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack to Head Agricultural Dept.," Democracy Now, (18 December 2008).
"Shunning Environmental Groups, Obama Taps Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar for Interior Dept.," Democracy Now, (18 December 2008).
"Scientists: Arctic Warming at Unforeseen Rate," Democracy Now, (17 December 2008).
"President-Elect Barack Obama Names Environmental Team as Climate Change Conference Wraps Up in Poland," Democracy Now, (16 December 2008).
"Farmers and Food Advocates Urge Obama to Create a National Sustainable Food and Agricultural Policy," Democracy Now, (16 December 2008).
"President-elect Obama Announces Environment and Energy Team," YouTube - ChangeDotGov, (15 December 2008).
"Obama Energy and Environmental Resource Announcement," C-SPAN-1, (15 December 2008).
"Climate Talks End Without New Goals to Cut Emissions," Democracy Now, (15 December 2008).
"Mixed mood at climate summit," BBC News Online, (13 December 2008 07:39 GMT).
"Survival is Non-Negotiable," YouTube, (12 December 2008).
[ Excerpt from the BBC Newshour Broadcast with Alex Kirby ], BBC Newshour, (12 December 2008).
"EU leaders focus on climate deal," BBC News Online, (12 December 2008 06:33 GMT).
"Al Gore addresses Parties to COP 14," The Alliance for Climate Protection OnDemand, (12 December 2008).
Reviving the Economy vs. a Global Climate Agreement, BBC - Newshour, (11 December 2008 13:00 GMT).
"Virtual Poznan - Thursday 11th Dec - Day in Review at UNFCCC," YouTube - OneWorldTV, (11 December 2008).
"Mining for polluting brown coal," BBC News Online, (11 December 2008 09:37 GMT, Thursday).
"US 'willing to lead climate push'," BBC News Online, (11 December 2008 21:58 GMT, Thursday).
"Climate change pressure on Obama," BBC News Online, (8 December 2008).
"Climate negotiations, glass half full or glass half empty?," YouTube - oxfaminternational, (8 December 2008).
"Virtual Poznan - Sunday 7th Dec - Day in Review at UNFCCC," YouTube - OneWorldTV, (8 December 2008).
"Virtual Poznan - Round up day 6 by Daniel Nelson of OneWorld," YouTube - OneWorldTV, (7 December 2008).
"International Day of Action Against Climate Change Rally," YouTube - Oxframinternational, (6 December 2008).
"Countries looking to US leadership on climate," International Herald Tribune - AP, (5 December 2008).
"Vlog: Protest against coal power plant in Poland," YouTube - GreenpeaceVideo, (2 December 2008).
"UN Climate Conference in Poland Opens," Democracy Now, (2 December 2008).
"The Big Ask: Climate change, "ACT NOW!"" YouTube - thebigaskbe, (26 November 2008).
"Anger mounts over Bush's last-minute laws," MSNBC, (25 November 2008).
George Monbiot, "One Shot Left," The Guardian, (25 November 2008).
"Naomi Klein, Robert Kuttner and Michael Hudson Dissect Obama’s New Economic Team & Stimulus Plan," Democracy Now, (25 November 2008).
"Headlines:Obama Introduces Economic Team Headed by Geithner and Summers," Democracy Now, (25 November 2008).
"A Green New Deal?," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (25 November 2008).
"Citigroup gets, but Detroit doesn't," MSNBC, (24 November 2008).
"Noam Chomsky: “What Next? The Elections, the Economy, and the World”," Democracy Now, (24 November 2008).
"Dot Earth: Fresh Climate and Energy Advice for Obama," The New York Times, (22 November 2008, 10:20 am).
Bill McKibben - 21 November 2008 - GreenBuild, Boston, MA.
[Climate/Carbon Related Headlines,] Democracy Now, (21 November 2008)
"Governors Tackle Climate Change," NPR - Day to Day, (19 November 2008).
Barack Obama Address at Governors’ Global Climate Summit, UCTelevision, (18 November 2008).
[Climate/Carbon Related Headlines,] Democracy Now, (17-18 November 2008)
"Climate Rescue Station," YouTube - GreenpeaceVideo, (14 November 2008).
"Climate change impacts the Arctic," MSNBC, (14 November 2008).
"Shrinking glaciers alarm scientists," MSNBC, (13 November 2008).
"Send Obama to Poland for the U.N. Climate Meetings!," YouTube - 350org, (12 November 2008).
"Studies: Global Warming Marks Greatest Climate Shift in 5,000 Years," Democracy Now, (10 November 2008)
"Van Jones on “The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems”," Democracy Now, (28 October 2008).
"Heat," WGBH - Frontline, (21 October 2008).
"The Tyranny of Oil: Antonia Juhasz on “The World’s Most Powerful Industry—What We Must Do to Stop It”," Democracy Now, (7 October 2008).
"Can Coal Be Clean?," Democracy Now, (7 October 2008).
"Emissions 'must be cut by 80%'," BBC News Online, (7 October 2008 22:53 UK 21:53 GMT, Tuesday).
"Climate target 'must be tougher'," BBC News Online, (7 October 2008 07:53 UK 06:53 GMT, Tuesday).
"Emissions 'cut of 80%' required," BBC News Online, (6 October 2008 09:13 UK 08:13 GMT, Monday).
"Amount of Arctic Sea Ice is Droping Each Decade," YouTube, (26 September 2008).
"The Arctic Ice Melt for 2008," YouTube - NOAAVisualisations, (22 September 2008).
"Many Texas residents ignored warnings to evacuate," MSNBC, (13 September 2008).
"Rescuers search storm-hit Texas," BBC News Online, (13 September 2008 14:44 UK 13:44 GMT, Saturday).
"Melting ice makes new Arctic border," BBC News Online, (10 September 2008 22:51 UK 21:51 GMT, Wednesday).
"Climate research centre tour," BBC News Online, (10 September 2008 21:58 UK 20:58 GMT, Wednesday).
"Protesters' relief at verdict," BBC News Online, (10 September 2008 21:08 UK 20:08 GMT, Wednesday).
"Greenpeace protesters cleared," BBC News Online, (10 September 2008 22:37 UK 21:37 GMT, Wednesday).
"Hurricane Ike Forces Evacuation of Over One Million Cubans," Democracy Now, (9 September 2008).
"Taking on the Climate Crisis," YouTube - martha04032, (8 September 2008).
"The Two Degree Show: Climate Code Red," Ecologist Radio, (7 September 2008).
"Humans to blame for busy storm season?," MSNBC, (7 September 2008).
"BBC Weather tracks Hurricane Ike," BBC News Online, (7 September 2008 13:30 UK 12:30 GMT, Sunday).
"Hanna, Ike and Josephine: Triple Storm Threat," YouTube - Associated Press, (4 September 2008).
"Haiti facing storm 'catastrophe'," BBC News Online, (4 September 2008 11:46 UK 10:46 GMT, Thursday).
"Residents Begin Slow Return to New Orleans Following Gustav," Democracy Now, (3 September 2008).
"India rescue at 'crucial' stage," BBC News Online, (3 September 2008 22:10 UK 21:10 GMT, Wednesday).

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