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Ahead of the Curve: States Lead on Climate Change (Sea Studios Foundation).
"Stern Proposes Radical Break with British Government Policy - George Monbiot," YouTube - OneWorldTV, (22 May 2009).
"Native American Environmental Leader Tom Goldtooth: Climate Change Bill Fails to Address Indigenous Rights," Democracy Now, (22 May 2009).
"Environmental Groups See Divide over Landmark Climate, Energy Bill Weakened by Industry Lobbying," Democracy Now, (22 May 2009).
"US CO2 goal 'will be compromised'," BBC News Online, (22 May 2009 03:55 UK 02:55 GMT, Friday).
"US compromise likely on emissions," BBC News Online, (22 May 2009 03:28 UK 02:28 GMT, Friday).
"Markey: My Climate Bill 'Has Huge Subsidies For Clean Coal! Huge!'" YouTube - climatebrad, (20 May 2009).
"Can Obama Mend Economy AND Fight Climate Change?," YouTube - ForaTV, (19 May 2009).
"Cities Go Climate Positive," YouTube - clintonfoundationorg, (19 May 2009).
"Managing the health effects of climate change," The Lancet, 373 (16 May 2009).
"“Omnivore’s Dilemma” Author Michael Pollan’s New Advice on Buying Food: “Don’t Buy Any Food You’ve Ever Seen Advertised”," Democracy Now, (14 May 2009).
"The Most Important Number in the World," MIT World, (13 April 2009).
"Beck and Barrasso Claim Global Warming Is Bunk," YouTube - climatebrad, (13 May 2009).
"Whitehouse: Senate Is 'Last Place In America' That Doesn't Get Global Warming," YouTube - climatebrad, (12 May 2009).
"House Democrats met with President Obama to discuss climate change legislation, which is a source of major disagreement," CNN News Online, (5 May 2009).
"Yale e360: Bill McKibben Urges Global Action on Climate Change," YouTube - yaleuniversity, (4 May 2009).
Perspectives in Washington
U.S. House of

24 April 2009
"The Big Green Moment," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (21 April 2009 10:00 AM EDT).
"On Thin Ice," PBS - NOW, (17 April 2009).
"About Planet Forward," PBS - Planet Forward, (15 April 2009).
"Can Coal be Earth-Friendly?," PBS - NOW, (10 April 2009).
"First Person: John Holdren on Global Warming," YouTube - Associated Press, (8 April 2009).
"Global crisis 'to strike by 2030'," BBC News Online, (19 March 2009 10:21 GMT, Thursday)
"NOVA | Extreme Ice | PBS," YouTube - PBS, (19 March 2009).
"Van Jones to CEQ," The White House Blog, (10 March 2009).
"Scientists on new climate data," BBC News Online, (10 March 2009 14:23 GMT, Tuesday).
"Scientists present latest news on climate change," The International Herald Tribune - AP, (9 March 2009).
"Rocky Mountain News Ceases Publication as Other Newspapers Face Threat of Similar Fate," Democracy Now, (6 March 2009).
"Mass Civil Disobedience Against Use of Coal at Capitol Hill Power Plant," YouTube - mediagrrl9, (2 March 2009).
"This is PowerShift," YouTube - energyaction, (28 February 2009).
"Power Shift: Youth Climate Activists Swarm D.C. for Weekend of Organizing, Lobbying and Protest," Democracy Now, (26 February 2009).
"Study Finds Unprecedented Growth in Climate Change Lobbying," Democracy Now, (26 February 2009).
"Member of UN Environment Panel Warns Greenhouse Emissions Rising at Alarming, Unexpected Rate," Democracy Now, (26 February 2009).
"The Cost of Being Green," NPR - On The Media, (13 February 2009).
"A Call to Action on Global Warming from Dr. James Hansen," YouTube - greenpeaceusa, (18 February 2009).
"AAAS 2009: Al Gore," American Association for the Advancement of Science, (13 February 2009).
"Susan Sarandon: Take a Stand," YouTube - greenpeaceusa, (12 February 2009).
"Gore Urges Action on Economy, Global Warming," YouTube - Associated Press, (28 January 2009).
"Al Gore testifies on greenhouse gasses," MSNBC, (28 January 2009).
"Obama reverses Bush policy on climate change," MSNBC, (26 January 2009).
"New evidence on Antarctic warming," BBC News Online, ( 21 January 2009 19:49 GMT, Wednesday).
"A Call to Action on Global Warming from Dr. James Hansen," December 2009, (18 February 2009).
Excerpt from "This American Life - The Inauguration Show," NPR - This American Life, (16 January 2009).
"Steven Chu Reacts to the Citizen's Briefing Book," YouTube - ChangeDotGov, (15 January 2009).
"Citizen's Briefing Book - Nancy Sutley Reacts," YouTube - ChangeDotGov, (14 January 2009).
"Announcing The Citizen's Briefing Book," YouTube - ChangeDotGov, (14 January 2009).
"Monbiot Meets...Yvo De Boer," YouTube - journeymanpictures, (14 January 2009).
"The Economy's Low-Carbon Conversion," YouTube - YaleFESVideo, (14 January 2009).
"Sea Change," PBS - NOW, (9 January 2009).
"Coal Ash Spill Raises Broader Questions," The New York Times, (7 January 2009).

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