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"Is a global climate treaty an impossible dream?," BBC 2 - Newsnight, (30 October 2009 12:20 GMT, Friday).
"Bill McKibben on International Climate Action Day," YouTube - GristTV, (26 October 2009).
"International Day of Climate Action Marked in 181 Nations," Democracy Now, (26 October 2009).
"Water World," PBS - NOW, (23 October 2009).
"Amidst Uncertainty on US Role in Upcoming Climate Talks, Holds International Climate Action Day in 170 Nations," Democracy Now, (23 October 2009).
"Bill Moyers on Climate Change and Civil Disobedience," YouTube - GristTV, (22 October 2009).
"PR Executive James Hoggan on “Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming”," Democracy Now, (20 October 2009).
"The Yes Men Pull Off Prank Claiming US Chamber of Commerce Had Changed Its Stance on Climate Change," Democracy Now, (20 October 2009).
"Brown: '50 days to save world'," BBC News Online, (19 October 2009 10:17 UK 09:17 GMT, Monday).
"NASA Flies Over Antarctica to Measure Icemelt," YouTube - AssociatedPress, (18 October 2009).
"Admin Rejects Kyoto Inclusion in New Climate Deal," Democracy Now, (8 October 2009).
"James Hoggan talks Climate Cover-Up on P3," YouTube - k21desmog, (7 October 2009).
"Grist Interviews Bill Moyers on Climate Change," YouTube - gristTV, (7 October 2009).
"Joshua Kahn Russell speaks at UN about rich countries killing the Kyoto Protocol; false solutions," YouTube - RANvideo, (7 October 2009).
"3,000 Protest Outside Climate Talks in Bangkok," Democracy Now, (6 October 2009).
"Climate change accusation: 'Rich countries are fundamentally sabotaging the Kyoto protocol'," The Guardian (U.K.) 6 October 2009 09.10 BST
"Climate Change Czar: No New Climate Bill by Copenhagen," Democracy Now, (5 October 2009).
"Senate Dems Unveil Climate Bill," Democracy Now, (1 October 2009).
"US Proposes Emissions Requirements for Largest Polluters," Democracy Now, (1 October 2009).
"Global warming could happen sooner," BBC News Online, (28 September 2009 22:49 UK 21:49 GMT, Monday).
"Philippines battles flood chaos," BBC News Online, (27 September 2009 08:14 UK 07:14 GMT, Sunday).
"Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai: If US Moves Forward on Climate Change, Rest of World Will Follow," Democracy Now, (25 September 2009).
"Ira Magaziner: We Have To Reach The Future Faster (CGI 09)," YouTube - climatebrad, (25 September 2009).
How Urgent is the Climate Emergency?
Special Meeting of the
Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Hall
795 Mass. Avenue
24 September 2009
5:30 pm
"Morales: Capitalism at Root of Environmental, Economic Crises," Democracy Now, (24 September 2009).
"Prospects for a Global Climate Treaty in Copenhagen," YouTube - uChannel, (23 September 2009).
"With Copenhagen Summit Approaching, Leading Polluters US and China Undercut Hopes of Substantial Pollution Cuts," Democracy Now, (23 September 2009).
"China to Link Emissions Cuts to Economic Growth and Morales Calls for Payment of Climate Debt," Democracy Now, (23 September 2009).
"Obama: We Can Reverse Climate Change," YouTube - AssociatedPress, (22 September 2009).
"John Podesta: The EPA Has Authority To Act on Climate Change," YouTube - climatebrad, (22 September 2009).
"World Leaders Hold Climate Summit at United Nations," Democracy Now, (22 September 2009).
"Clock Is Ticking On Copenhagen Climate Treaty," NPR - Morning Edition, (22 September 2009).
"Human Countdown," YouTube - usclimateaction, (21 September 2009).
"Kenya drought taking its toll," BBC News Online, (20 September 2009 21:54 UK 20:54 GMT, Sunday).
"Glenn Beck Shout Out," Vimeo, (18 September 2009).
" Interviews The Age of Stupid Director Franny Armstrong," YouTube - GristTV, (18 September 2009).
"Building consensus at the UN Climate Conference," WGBH - BBC - PRI, (18 September 2009).
"Preparing for Copenhagen," WAMU - Diane Rehm Show, (17 September 2009).
Climate Emergency
What does it mean?
What can we do?

A Community Forum
Thursday, 17 September
7:00 pm

Cambridge Community Center
5 Callendar St., Cambridge, MA
"White House Environmental Adviser Van Jones Resigns Citing “Vicious Smear Campaign Against Me”," Democracy Now, (8 September 2009).
"New Light on Copenhagen Climate Talks," Democracy Now, (2 September 2009).
"The Gulf Coast, Four Years After Katrina," NPR - Talk of the Nation, (27 August 2009).
"“Astroturf Activism”: Leaked Memo Reveals Oil Industry Effort to Stage Rallies Against Climate Legislation," Democracy Now, (21 August 2009).
"Tony Blair discusses climate change," MSNBC, (20 August 2009).
"Bill even looks huge from space," The Weather Channel, (19 August 2009 11:45 ET).
"Bill now a Cat 4 hurricane," The Weather Channel, (19 August 2009 21:50 ET).
"Obama’s Science Adviser Urges Leadership On Climate," Yale - Environment 360, (13 August 2009).
"China evacuates 1 million as Typhoon Slams," YouTube - CNN, (9 August 2009).
"Typhoon Morakot hits China coast," BBC News Online, (9 August 2009 23:15 UK 22:15 GMT, Sunday).
"Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security," The New York Times, (9 August 2009).
"Typhoon Morakot hits China coast," BBC News Online, (9 August 2009 07:15 UK 06:15 GMT, Sunday).
"Typhoon lashes Philippines," BBC News Online, (7 August 2009 16:43 UK 15:43 GMT, Friday).
"Rep. Henry Waxman on Healthcare Reform, the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill and the Expanding Role of Private Contractors in the Battlefield," Democracy Now, (4 August 2009).
"Fighting Climate Change with Photosynthesis - Mark Hertsgaard," YouTube - ForaTV, (3 August 2009).
"Climate Change Refugees," LinkTV, (31 July 2009).
"HARDtalk on the road," BBC - HARDTalk, (31 July 2009).
"HARDtalk Connie Hedegaard," BBC - HARDTalk, (31 July 2009).
"Vandana Shiva: The Future of Food," YouTube - CookingUpAStory, (28 July 2009)
"People & Power - Coal river" YouTube - AlJazeeraEnglish, (29 July 2009).
"Getting a grip on Greenland's future," BBC News Online, (28 July 2009 07:28 UK 06:28 GMT, Tuesday).
"Clinton Visits India," CNBC, (19 July 2009).
"Obama and Environmentalists," Bill Moyers Journal, (17 July 2009).
"Hearings - Ensuring and Enhancing U.S. Competitiveness while Moving toward a Clean Energy Economy," U.S. Senate - Environment and Public Works Committee, (16 July 2009).
"How to tackle climate change challenge," BBC - Daily Politics, (15 July 2009).
"Hearings - Transportation’s Role in Climate Change and Reducing Greenhouse Gases," U.S. Senate - Environment and Public Works Committee, (14 July 2009).
"Hearings - Economic Opportunities for Agriculture, Forestry Communities, and Others in Reducing Global Warming Pollution," U.S. Senate - Environment and Public Works Committee, (14 July 2009 10:00 EST).
"India, China have to resist pressure on climate change: PM," The Economic Times, (11 July 2009).
"Chief scientific adviser on climate change," BBC - Daily Politics, (10 July 2009).
"Greenpeace Activists Hang Banner on Mt. Rushmore," Democracy Now, (10 July 2009).
"Recession effect on climate change calls," BBC - Daily Politics, (10 July 2009).
"G8 agenda goes first to climate," YouTube - RussiaToday, (9 July 2009).
"IPCC: G8 climate pledge "ridiculous"," BBC News Online, (9 July 2009 18:17 UK 17:17 GMT, Thursday).
"Time 'wasted' in tackling CO2 emissions," BBC News Online, (9 July 2009 18:18 GMT).
"G8 set new climate targets," BBC News Online, (9 July 2009 04:56 UK 03:56 GMT, Thursday).
"Jane Lubchenco on Restoring Science To U.S. Climate Policy," Yale 360, (9 July 2009).
"Obama on Mt Rushmore? Greenpeace Banner Calls for Global Warming Leadership," YouTube - greenpeaceusa, (8 July 2009).
"World Leaders, Protesters Gather in Italy for G-8; Global Financial Crisis & Climate Change Top Agenda," Democracy Now, (8 July 2009).
"Messages to G8 Leaders from Climate Science & Policy Experts," YouTube - UNUChannel, (6 July 2009).
"Oxfam: climate change already hitting the world's poor," BBC News Online, (6 July 2009 12:12 GMT).
Paul Krugman, "Betraying the Planet," The New York Times, (29 June 2009).
"Weekly Address: Opening the Door to a Clean Energy Economy," YouTube - whitehouse, (27 June 2009).
"Obama Praises Climate Bill's Passage," YouTube - Associated Press, (27 June 2009).
"Speaker Pelosi On Clean Energy & Climate Change Bill," YouTube - CSpanJunkiedotORG, (26 June 2009).
"Call Your Representative Today! Vote for Clean Energy!," YouTube - Nationalwildlife, (26 June 2009).
"Obama Urges Congress to Pass Climate Bill," YouTube - VOAvideo, (26 June 2009).
"White House Releases Landmark Climate Change Report," YouTube - whitehouse, (16 June 2009). Assessment Report.
"Closing Press Briefing, Bonn Climate Change Talks - June 2009," YouTube - climateconference, (12 June 2009).
U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu's address at Harvard’s Afternoon Exercises, Harvard University Commencement Exercises, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 4 June 2009.
"Bonn Climate Change Talks - June 2009," YouTube - Climateconference, (1 June 2009).

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