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"China portrayed as obstacle at Copenhagen," The World - PRI - BBC - WBUR, (23 December 2009).
"After Copenhagen," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (22 December 2009).
"Leading Climate Scientist James Hansen on Why He’s Pleased the Copenhagen Summit Failed, “Cap and Fade,” Climategate and More," Democracy Now, (22 December 2009).
"U.S.-Led Copenhagen Accord Decried as Flawed, Undemocratic," Democracy Now, (21 December 2009).
"Obama: 'Time for talk is over'," BBC News Online, (18 December 2009 13:13 GMT, Friday).
Democracy Now - "Climate Countdown,"
Daily Reporting from Copenhagen,
7-18 December 2009
"Copenhagen Press Briefing: Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET)," UNFCCC Webcast, (14 December 2009 16:30 CET).
"African Delegates Protest Over Kyoto Dispute [+ other climate policy stories...]," Democracy Now, (14 December 2009).
"Dec 12 Copenhagen Climate Vigil: One of 3,000 Global Actions," YouTube - 350org, (12 December 2009).
"Amy Goodman of Democracy Now talks to OneClimate at COP15 in Copenhagen," YouTube - OneClimate.Net, (12 December 2009).
"Climate change to spark armed conflicts?," MSNBC, (11 December 2009).
"World looks to U.S. to pay for climate sins," MSNBC, (10 December 2009).
"The Moral Math of Climate Change," American Public Radio - Speaking of Faith, (10 December 2009).
"Leaked Climate Text Infuriates Developing Nations," Democracy Now, (9 December 2009).
"Naomi Klein on the 'new climate ball-game'," YouTube - AlJazeeraEnglish, (9 December 2009).
"Riz Khan - Climate change and developing nations," YouTube - alJazeeraEnglish, (8 December 2009).
"IGBP Climate change index," YouTube - igbp, (8 December 2009).
"Obama to Attend High-Level Talks at Copenhagen Summit," Democracy Now, (7 December 2009).
"Top Climatologist Hopes Copenhagen Talks Collapse," Democracy Now, (4 December 2009).
"James Hansen wants Copenhagen to fail," The Guardian U.K., (3 December 2009).
"GLOBAL PULSE: Africa - Cash for Climate Change?," YouTube - linktv, (2 December 2009).
"The Story of Cap & Trade," YouTube - storyofstuffproject, (1 December 2009).
"Major sea level rise likely as Antarctic ice melts," BBC News Online, (1 December 2009 00:40 GMT, Tuesday).
"Obama fires up climate target ahead of summit," MSNBC, (25 November 2009).
"US will announce target for cutting carbon emissions," BBC News Online, (24 November 2009).
"Naomi Klein on Climate Debt: Why Rich Countries Should Pay Reparations To Poor Countries For The Climate Crisis," Democracy Now, (23 November 2009).
"Bill McKibben says time is running out on climate delays," YouTube - GristTV, (23 November 2009).
"US, China Could Back Emissions Targets," Democracy Now, (18 November 2009).
"United Nations Climate Meeting Preparations," NTDTV, (18 November 2009 09:51).
"World Leaders: No Binding Deal on Climate Change Until 2010," Democracy Now, (17 November 2009).
"Introducing Kumi Naidoo as Greenpeace International's new executive director," YouTube - greenpeaceinternational, (15 November 2009).
"Bill McKibben - Address to Massachusetts Climate Action Network," MCAN, (15 November 2009).
"350 global warming boston commons," YouTube - martha04032, (9 November 2009).
"Excerpt from " Science Weekly,"", (9 November 2009).
"Climate Talks in Barcelona Conclude in Acrimony," Democracy Now, (9 November 2009).
"Senate Panel Approves Climate Measure," Democracy Now, (6 November 2009).
"Inside Story - The UN climate change summit," YouTube - aljazeeraenglish, (6 November 2009).
"Climate, Congress & Copenhagen," NPR - WBUR - On Point, (5 November 2009).
"“GM’s Money Trees”: Displacement of Rural Brazilians Highlights Consequences of “Cap and Trade” System,"
Democracy Now, (5 November 2009).
"GOP Boycott Delays Senate Climate Bill," Democracy Now, (4 November 2009).
"Congress Lectured on Climate Change," YouTube - AssociatedPress, (3 November 2009).
"African delegates boycott talks," YouTube - NTVKenya, (3 November 2009).
"Climate Negotiators Grow Impatient at Lack of Leadership from America," Democracy Now, (3 November 2009).
"@katiecouric: Al Gore," CBS News.Com, (2 November 2009 14:21 EST).
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