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Selected News Stories via CCRA

BeLive! - Eco Views & News
"From Snowstorms to Heat Waves, How Global Warming Causes Extreme Weather and Climate Instability," Democracy Now, (28 December 2010).
"U.N. Climate Talk Ends with Modest Agreement," Democracy Now, (13 December 2010).
"Rising Seas, Climate Change & the Viriginia Coast," WBUR - On Point, (1 December 2010 10:00 AM EST).

Cancun Global Climate Meetings
The Guardian, U.K
Democracy Now Coverage

"Climate Delegates Differ on Kyoto Extension, Compliance Monitoring," Democracy Now, (1 December 2010).
"Climate Change Talks Open In Cancun," Democracy Now, (30 November 2010).
"U.N. Cancun Climate Change Conference Opens," Democracy Now, (29 November 2010).
"Global warming tops Cancun summit," YouTube - AlJazeeraEnglish, (29 November 2010).
"COP 16 opening press briefing," YouTube - climateconference, (29 November 2010).
"About COP16/CMP6," YouTube - cop16mex, (17 August 2010).
"Dr Reese Halter - MSNBC - Global Warming: Wild Weather, Arctic Report Card, Drought, La Nina," YouTube - naturesblueprint, (23 October 2010).
"Arctic Report Card 2010," YouTube - NOAAPMEL, (19 October 2010).
"Big Oil Goes to College: BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell Fund & Influence Research at Major Universities," Democracy Now, (18 October 2010).
"'Big Oil' X Bad Science = GLOBAL Tragedy," Climate-Research.TV, CCRA, (3 October 2010).
"'What were you thinking? Why didn't you act? Didn't you care?,'" Climate-Research.TV, CCRA (26 September 2010).
"Holbrooke Says World Cannot Foot Entire Bill for Pakistan Flood Recovery as US Spends Billions on Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan," Democracy Now, (21 September 2010).
"'Global Warming' or 'Global Climate Disruption'" Climate-Research.TV, CCRA (19 September 2010).
"Strange Weather, Changing Climate: Assessing the Risks," Climate-Research.TV, CCRA (12 September 2010).
"Raj Patel: Mozambique's Food Riots Are the True Face of Global Warming," Democracy Now, (8 September 2010).
"Earl Soaks N.C. Coast, Heads for New England," YouTube - AssociatedPress, (3 September 2010).
"'s Bill McKibben on David Letterman: Put Solar on the White House on 10/10/10," YouTube - 350org, (1 September 2010).
"Hurricane Earl Barrels Towards U.S. East Coast," YouTube - AssociatedPress, (31 August 2010).
"Greenland May Soon Disappear," YouTube - theglobalReport, (20 August 2010).
"An active Atlantic hurricane period coming," Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog, (17 August 2010, 13:48 GMT).
"News at 11: How Climate Change Affects You," TruthDig.Org - News at 11, (10 August 2010).
"Bolivian UN Ambassador: Despite Extreme Weather, US and Other Developed Countries Failing to Make Serious Pledges to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions," Democracy Now, (10 August 2010).
"Meterologist: Record Heat Wave in Russia Could Kill Tens of Thousands," Democracy Now,, (10 August 2010).
"As Senate Dems Give Up on Climate Bill, What Does the Future Hold for US Energy Policy?," Democracy Now, (23 July 2010).
"'Time and Tide Wait for No Man:' The Unstoppable Rise of Global Sea Level - Pt. 1," EcoViews & News, (11 July 2010).
"Major Study Makes Dire Sea Forecast," YouTube - theGlobalReport,, (9 July 2010).
"A Debate on Geoengineering: Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer," Democracy Now, (8 July 2010).
"Gwynne Dyer on "Climate Wars: The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats"," Democracy Now, (8 July 2010).
"Maude Barlow: "The World Has Divided into Rich and Poor as at No Time in History"," Democracy Now, (2 July 2010).
"Climate Change Australia - Rise of the Sceptics - BBC Our World Documentary," YouTube - RuniChannel1, (29 June 2010).
"Bill McKibben - From the Field," YouTube -, (29 June 2010).
"Australia Firestorm - BBC My Country Documentary," YouTube - RuniChannel1, (29 June 2010).
"Report Release Webcast," National Research Council, (19 May 2010).
"Policy advice, based on science, to guide the nation's response to climate change," National Research Council, (19 May 2010).
"U.S. Scientists Urge Action On Climate Change," NPR - All Things Considered, (19 May 2010).
"The Hurricane of '38," WGBH - The American Experience, (18 May 2010).
"The Energy Report - 5/14/10," YouTube - CleanSkiesNews, (14 May 2010).
"Obama: 'No more cosy relationship'," BBC News Online, (14 May 2010 18:05 UK 17:05 GMT, Friday).
"Bill may not transform energy economy," Marketplace, (13 May 2010).
"All polluters not equal under new bill," Marketplace, (12 May 2010).
"New York City - Category 3 Hurricane 'Needs and Knowns,'" BeLive, CCTV (9 May 2010).
"Government Exempted BP from Environmental Review," Democracy Now, (7 May 2010).
"Bill McKibben: Eaarth," NPR - WGBH - Forum, (30 April 2010).
"World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change," Democracy Now, (29 April 2010).
"Reports from Cochabamba #3," YouTube - eon3, (24 April 2010).
"Bolivian President Evo Morales on President Obama: “I Can’t Believe a Black President Can Hold So Much Vengeance Against an Indian President”," Democracy Now, (23 April 2010).
"New Senate Climate Bill Is “Slap in the Face to Everything that Earth Day Stands For”," Democracy Now, (22 April 2010).
"Bolivia Climate Conference Moves to Establish Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth," Democracy Now, (22 April 2010).
"From Melting Glaciers to Structural Adjustment: Maude Barlow on the Need for Water Justice," Democracy Now, (22 April 2010).
"Why Is the US Cutting Off Climate Aid to the Poorest Country in South America?–Bolivian Climate Negotiator Angélica Navarro," Democracy Now, (21 April 2010).
"Confidential document reveals Obama's hardline US climate talk strategy," The Guardian, (12 April 2010 10.05 BST).
"U.S. Oil Company Funds Climate Skeptics," YouTube - GlobalReport, (9 April 2010).
"The Banker 2 - Robin Hood Tax," YouTube - OxfamGreatBritain, (6 April 2010).
"The Banker 1 - Robin Hood Tax," YouTube - OxfamGreatBritain, (9 February 2010).
"Environmental Groups Decry Obama Plan to Lift Moratorium on Offshore Drilling," Democracy Now, (1 April 2010).
"“We Are Tearing Down Our Mountains”: Photojournalist Antrim Caskey on West Virginia’s Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining," Democracy Now, (31 March 2010).
"UN climate change panel to be reviewed," BBC News Online, (11 March 2010 04:01 GMT, Thursday).
"EPA Delays New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations," Democracy Now, (23 February 2010).
"Report: Largest Corporations Responsible for $2.2T in Environmental Damage," Democracy Now, (19 February 2010).
"Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz on Obama’s Stimulus Plan, Debt, Climate Change, and “Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy”," Democracy Now, (18 February 2010).
"Carbon caps - who gets the cash?," YouTube - TheRealNews, (8 February 2010).
"Climate Scientist: Record-Setting Mid-Atlantic Snowfall Linked to Global Warming," Democracy Now, (12 February 2010).
"Mideast Water Crisis Brings Misery, Uncertainty," NPR - All Things Considered & Pt 2, (7 January 2010).
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