FCCC - Official Documentation
  MOP 15 - Copenhagen 7-18 December 2009
IPCC site, with its reports
UNFCCC + GoogleMap - GHG Emissions
NOAA's paleoclimatology site - has tutorials on global warming and paleoclimatology, data and pictures
U.S. government-sponsored global change research information site includes answers to basic questions
ClimateAtlas - Interactive maps
American Meteorological Society - Environmental Science Seminar Series Archives (ESSS)
U.S. interagency research program including:
  News Items
  Reports assessing impacts
National Academy Press, with many key reports
Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports
Pew Center on Climate Change, news and policy-related reports
Climate Change - Stephen H. Schneider's Web Site
ClimateArk - Climate News
Industry-funded site with arguments against the IPCC consensus
National Academy of Sciences - Koshland Museum
Marshall Institute's arguments against the IPCC consensus