"The world today is consuming about 87 million barrels a day of oil. The question is: ten years from now, will there be available
100 million barrels a day?
110 million barrels a day?
115 million barrels a day?
and that certainly will depend upon the level and scale and timing of investments. It will also depend upon what consumers do....

"...because its not a question of whether the physical resources are there or not....[but]... is there going to be enough timely investment...?"

Daniel Yergin

     But, Mr. Yergin, isn't the real question not whether the physical resources are there, nor whether there will be enough "timely investments" but rather, more starkly, this:

Can we hope to survive if we humans extract, consume and thereby release all that terrestrial carbon into the atmosphere?

Without massive efforts to fix or sequester carbon gases, scientists warn that humans might well destabilize the climate regime required for the stable continuity of human civilization.

"Oil price is up, dollar is down," MSNBC, (22 May 2008).